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ShadowProtect again saves the day Old Windows install fails

4 Apr 2012 18:11

First customer had a virus and we fixed that that in 1 day http://1dayit.com.  Then let run for a while and discovered it also had a bad HD harddrive.    So installed a replacement hard drive and proceeded to in run … Continue reading

Text using Outlook or email client

2 Apr 2012 23:15

How do I send a text from Outlook or an email client To send text from Outlook or email client ATT Wireless     AreaCodePhoneNumber@txt.att.net MetroPCS     AreaCodePhoneNumber@mymetropcs.com SprintPCS     AreaCodePhoneNumber@sprintpcs.com Tmobile     AreaCodePhoneNumber@tmomail.net Verizon     AreaCodePhoneNumber@vtext.com examples     9165555555@txt.att.net You can verify your email settings at … Continue reading

Outlook 2010 convert from earlier Outlook and receive NDR #550

6 Mar 2012 02:58

Receive an NDR when sending email to a new user in domain SBS2011 using clients Outlook 2010 that the desktops were previously updated from Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007.. After extensive review looked at OAB Outlook Address Book. Outlook, Send/Receive, … Continue reading

Cloud Services Backup

24 Feb 2012 20:43

Had a customer who thought he had a virus because his computer was running slow.  We suggested to the customer to image their computer using ShadowProtect (refer to previous blog (http://www.ddkhelp.com/shadowprotect-saves-the-day-again/) before we continued and customer agreed.    Rather than take 20 … Continue reading

ShadowProtect saves the day again

24 Feb 2012 00:32

Just helped a customer who got a virus and choices were to run AntiSpyware and AntiVirus and AntiMalware tools or to start over again or to use DDK Recovery tools like ShadowProtect.    We tried to run AV in safemode but … Continue reading

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